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Native American Culture (BD Shadow font)

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Indian Trust: Cobell v. Norton
Press releases, articles re lawsuit against the federal government for mismanagement of IIM [Individual Indian Monies] trust accounts. Please use above LINK to access all articles sent us by
2/20/2002: Transcripts of Secretary Norton's contempt trial.
Click on Transcripts, then Contempt Trials. Also see Cover Story of 9/9/01 Parade.



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What Happened to The Indians?
and the wonderful culture they developed in places which are American Cities today.
To those looking for pre-contact or pre-settlement cultural information: new source: American History, Spanish Conquest of Native America: 1500's information. "This Site provides a fresh look at the oldest written history of America... Our team has explored every site mentioned here... See if Conquistadors visited your place... Midwestern States have NEVER been studied with this material, and Southern States have been misunderstood for centuries... but they were described 460 years ago... YOU could be the first in YOUR town to read its oldest written history... just follow the *Stars..."

Also check in The Hau de no sau nee Address to the Western World, Geneva (all three parts) and in the Teaching About Thanksgiving document.

Send Email with questions and/or suggestions.
Send Email with questions and/or suggestions.

Musicians/performers needed for NMAI
The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, opening Sept. 2004, in Washington, DC, is looking for Native artists to participate in the 6-day opening ceremony. To commemorate the historic opening of this new museum, the NMAI will present "Songs, Steps and Stories: The Festival of Native American Music, Dance and Storytelling".

Searching for Saponi Town
"Save yourself some trips to the university library. The text of some of the basic historical texts on the Southeastern Siouan are here, along with some original articles by members of this group."

Teaching About Thanksgiving
The Truths and The Myths. Written by a teacher who is also an Indian this is the best material for teachers (and all of us) about Thanksgiving that we have read.

Accounting long overdue for Indian trust funds
Sept. 19, 2003. Latest information on Indian Trust - Cobell v. Norton class action suit. Also current statement by Elouise Cobell, lead plaintiff.

Black Elks World
offers the full text of the twenty-first century edition of "Black Elk Speaks". Links within the text allow the reader to access biographies, historic and contemporary photos, and maps. Available in HTML or PDF version.

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee Update
10/12/03. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling isn't expected for three or four months. If you haven't written to the Court, we urge you to do so now. The volume of letters received by the court will demonstrate the wide support for justice for Leonard Peltier.

Legends of the Northern Lights
The aurora borealis has intrigued people from ancient times, and still does today. The Eskimos and Indians of North America have many stories to explain these northern lights.

Our America
"Our America is an indigenous America. . . . . is thousands of years old, and it is the future . . . We don't call for freedom and build huge walls of injustice and intolerance. In our America, we simply wish to be good human beings."

Protect The Earth
The web site of Anishinaabe Niijii, a movement of Native and Non-Native people dedicated to protecting the earth for the future generations to come.  See also Seventh Generation Amendment

An Open Letter to Indian Country
(from NARF)   TRUE REFORM FOR THE IIM TRUST: How a Receiver Will Fix the Problem

"What does being Native American mean?"
To me it isn't just going to pow wows, watching the dancers, wearing buckskin dresses and letting the steady drum beat restart my heart, my soul. It's more. . . .        by JoAnn White Eagle

Teaching Respect for Native Peoples
A list of how--and how not--to teach about Native peoples in the classroom. This is a must read for everyone, not just education staff. From AMMSA

Who Is Indian
This is a good article on this subject, with a different perspective than the Who Is Indian? article on this site.

This "Introduction to Native American Culture" refers to a variety of NA Cultures, past and present.

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Custom Embroidered Dance Shawls, Ribbon shirts, Dresses, leather vests, aprons, breachclouts. Made to your color requests and size.
Great place for Native American Products of all kinds; majority owned and operated by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska.

Native American Indian art, crafts, drums, beadwork, jewelry, pottery and Southeastern Indian history
Native American Indian art, crafts, drums, beadwork, jewelry, pottery
and Southeastern Indian history.


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