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Aboriginal Languages
This site has good information about the Aanisnaabeg (Algonkian) and Ogwehoweh (Iroquoian) languages. Scroll down past the menus and staff listing for the article.

Alabama Language
This page will automatically ask you to download a special font player in order to view this language properly. They have a clever dictionary setup!

Alaska Native Language Center
This language center was established in 1972 by state legislation as a center for documentation and cultivation of the state's 20 Native languages.

American Indian Language Software Programs
Their vision is "to use computer programming skills to help preserve and teach American Indian language to anyone interested and the young in particular. Once the language is lost; the culture is lost is what we bly believe." "If you are fluent in an American Indian language (or know someone that is) and you would like to be instrumental in preserving and or teaching your native language for the benefit of the young, lets get together to develop a language teaching software program for your native language."

Cahto Alphabet Chart
This chart has *.wav files to demonstrate each alphabet sound.

Cayuga Language
Site is currently being reorganized and reformatted. [Six Nations Polytechnic had developed audio language lessons. On this page you could listen to the most commonly used phrases on your media player.]

Cherokee Font
Download this Cherokee font and then type Cherokee language email and documents. This is one of several fonts available on the Net.

Cherokee Script Projects
At this site we have access to the Cherokee syllabary in Sequoyah's own handwriting, a new aid to learning the script system, and an online dictionary.   Your Name in Cherokee

Cherokee (Tsalagi, Tsa-la-gi, Aniyunwiya)
This page is dedicated to the Tsalagi language, also with information and links about Cherokee culture, history, and genealogy. A very long page with lots of information (no graphics).

Cheyenne Language Web Site
Cheyenne is spoken in southeastern Montana on the Northern Cheyenne reservation and in central Oklahoma. This site is extensive, with sounds, dictionary, etc.

Chinook Jargon
This is one of many pidgins and "contact languages" which developed with trade. Some words of this jargon are still used as slang in Seattle. See also the Tenas Wawa link. [A long note from the creator/webmaster: (Let me take a moment to put in a word for the "Tenas Wawa" site: I've noticed it receives fewer visitors than my own "Jargon Pages," which have apparently become popular with teachers. I'd like to recommend "Duane's side" of the site, in particular his "Chinook Jargon Notes" and "Talk Boxes," for educational use; they are well-researched and more authoritative than my own recollections, and also feature his clever drawings, which students will find appealing. While I separated the "two halves" of the site when moving them from Geocities a year ago--the "Tenas Wawa" pages exclusively appear with a brown background, and have their own domain name--the two sites remain closely interlinked.)]

Chippewa Language
Click on the "language tapes" link on this page to purchase tapes. There is no "Back" or "Home" link provided on their tape page.

Comanche Language
The Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee is succeeding at preserving the "NUMU TEKWAPUHA" and restoring it as a living language.

This site contains a wealth of information on the Quechua language in general.

Dakota Language Lessons
Learn the Dakota language, starting with sounds, using this interesting method.

Diné College: Navajo
Center for Diné Studies and Navajo Language Program - Tsaile AZ. All the information here is offered in pdf format.

Elementary English to Anishinaabemowin Translator
An online translator: "This program will allow you to enter a REALLY simple English sentence and get the corresponding sentence in Anishinaabemowin." (Ojibwe/Chippewa)

Endangered Language Fund
Here is an incomplete list of endangered Native languages, and information on where they may be studied, where recordings may be obtained, etc.

English/Cherokee Dictionary
This is an excellent online dictionary. Many words, syllabary, and guide to pronunciation. This one is webmaster's personal favorite.

Ethnologue: USA
The Ethnologue lists the number of speakers of various Native languages as of the 1990 census.

First Ojibwe Language and Culture
A site with excellent links to translation, forums, references and resorces.

Hale Kuamo'o
This link is to the Hawaiian Language Center at the University of Hawai'i at Hilo. This University site is not always available, but keep trying, it really is there!

Hotcāk (Winnebago)
Links to language word and phrase lists for the Hotcāk peoples (Winnebago).

Hupa Language Page
This page on the Hupa language and resources is by Danny Ammon, an instructor of the language at D-Q University in 1996.

Inuktitut - The Language of the Inuit People
Download free Nunacom font for Inuktitut syllabics. This font is FREE to all users.   See The Inuktitut Language on the Tununiq Travel and Adventure website for some History; also words and phrases.

Ioway-Otoe-Missouria Language
Jimm G. Good Tracks compiled the history and bibliography of this language which is no longer in use.

Iroquois Language & Social Songs
There is a brief introduction to the Languages and Social Songs of the Iroquois Confederacy here, and lots of RealAudio files to download.

Iroquois Languages
At this site by the Six Nations at the Grand River Reserve in Ontario you can hear sound samples and read words in all six languages, plus, browse Font and Statistic sections.

John Koontz' Omaha-Ponca Page
Here is a well written article, with examples, on the Omaha-Ponca language.

Kanienkehaka Language Homepage
"Dedicated to preserving...... Haudenosaunee/ Kanienkehaka language and culture for the next seven generations unborn." [Iroquois-Mohawk]

Karuk Language Resources
The HVHS Karuk Language Web Site designed by the 1999 Karuk Language Class at Hoopa Valley High School contains picture and audio files of the Karuk words that the class recorded. Happy Camp High School has 6 pages of words and phrases. (Northern California)

Klallam Classified Word List
This site has a well designed, thorough, word list for the Klallam language.

Lakhota Online
The "Sioux Heritage Lakhota-English Dictionary" online (over 4,000 entries) and the audio program called "Intro to Lakhota," 17 chapters of text featuring professional recordings of native Lakhota speakers."

NEW Maps of Languages of the USA
These maps may be used in reports, presentations, displays, and other uses as long as they are not altered.

Mayan Language
The "Talking Syllabary," sound files, and a language chart are available on this site.

Michif Language
"Sorry, Michif Language Lesson are offline while we reorganize them." - Metis Resource Centre
The Michif language of Canada was developed from French-Cree inter-marriage. The Manitoba Metis Federation is in partnership with the Department of Canadian Heritage - Aboriginal Languages initiative and the Metis National Council in a planned three year language project.

Mi'kmaq (Mi'kmawi'simk, Mi'kmaw, Micmac, Mikmaq)
Spoken by 8000+ Indigenous First Nations People in the Canadian Maritimes, particularly Nova Scotia, also spoken in a few US communities.

Nahuatl, How can I learn?
The above question refers to the indigenous Aztec language of Mexico (Nahuatl).

Native American Language Center
Indigenous and minority peoples' views of language, from the University of California/Davis, are given on this page.

Navajo Language Resource Centre
A site of valuable resources, including information on Navajo code talkers of World War II, and Navajo font to download for both Mac and Windows.

Ohwejagehka: Hadegaenage
This is a non-profit organization based on the Six Nations at Grand River. They are dedicated to the perpetuation of the languages, considered crucial to cultural survival.

Potawatomi Language
Saving and revitalizing this language is working. Scroll down the page for an online dictionary of over 1200 words, with 400 sound files to help you learn.
To raise awareness about the importance of the Potawatomi Language. Things to do, places to visit.

Quechua Lessons Index
The is an excellent page for beginning lessons in Quecha, a language of the Andes.

Reversing Language Shift:
"Can Kwak'wala Be Revived?," a paper on an effort to revive a British Columbian language, with a URL for the entire thesis.

Saanich Word List
Browse through almost 1900 classified words of Saanich.

Schoenhof's Foreign Books
On the right hand side (top) where it says "Language Learning" choose Native American from the drop down menu and click on GO for a list of Native Language books. I found 293 titles!

The Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas.

Taino - Dictionary of the Spoken Taino Language
"We the Taino people of today, very proudly still speak our language in our Taino communities." Chief Guanikeyu

Teaching Indigenous Languages
This site has a large amount of useful information on stabilizing and revitalizing Indigenous languages.

Tenas Wawa - The Chinook Jargon Voice
An interesting site devoted to preserving and teaching this jargon language, thereby promoting appreciation for Northwest native culture and the pioneer era.

Tsalagi (Cherokee) Language
This is a fairly extensive Dictionary; also the Cherokee syllabary, and link to pronunciation guide.

Turkish Language and the Native Americans
This author states, "I have found evidence that the Altaic words 'ata', 'apa' and 'ana' .......... are used in (many) of the languages spoken" by Native American peoples. This page often takes a while to appear - think it is the server.

Various Indian Peoples Publishing
This page presents the "Speakers of the Earth®" language series, with materials on Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Lakota, Mohawk, Lenape, and others.

Vernacular Language Program
Their aim is to disseminate the oral literature of the every day languages and dialects of Ecuador. This site is written in both Spanish and English.

Yukon Native Languages
Here is a very good site featuring the seven Athapaskan family languages and Tlingit, which is distantly related. All eight are spoken in the Yukon.

This link goes to the Hotcāk listing above, the proper name for these People.

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