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Buckskin Dancing
The author of this illustrated article says that the Buckskin Dance is the oldest form of women's dance.

Cloth Dancing
The Ladies Cloth dancing is very similar to Buckskin, except the dresses are made of cloth. Photo.

Explanation of Dances
This page about Dances at Spirit Bear's Tipi is a more complete list than I have seen elsewhere. The explanations are quite good, and are accompanied by a photo illustration.

Fancy Dancing - Men's
"The Oklahoma Feather Dancer or 'fancy dancer' is the most popular style of dance and outfit seen at modern powwows throughout the Plains."

Fancy Dancing - Women's
Fancy Shawl is often called Northern Shawl, as this newest form comes from the Northern Tribes. This women's dance is quite athletic; you need to be in good shape!

Gourd Dance
This is a separate dance from regular Pow Wow dances, done before the Grand Entry of a Pow Wow. There is a good description on this page.

Grass Dancing
A thorough article, with photos, on this popular style of men's dance that is performed all around the country.

Green Corn Dance
A special spiritual event held by Seminole Tribe of Florida each spring. Few non-Indians have witnessed this dance.

Jingle Dancing
This page gives the story of the origin of the healing jingle dress, also known as a prayer dress.

Native American Dances
This page features excellent photos of some dance groups featured at the Cortez Cultural Center, Cortez, Colorado, near the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe.

PowWow Dances
This site has such a good set of articles, though brief, on PowWow Dances, it just had to be included here.

Straight Dancing
This men's dance, which features a "formal, tailored, prestigious form of Southern dance clothes," is originally from Oklahoma.

Traditional Dancing
This form of men's dancing, that has "evolved over the years from old-time Sioux Outfit," is the oldest form of Native American dancing.

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