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American Culture (BD Shadow)

American Culture written with pictures from 'Red Rock'

for year 2000

Who Is An "Elder"?
12/29/00. By Harvey Arden of, " the greatest strength is gentleness; and that's a quality I find in all the Elders whom I call Dreamkeepers and Wisdomkeepers."

12/28/00. Should President Clinton Pardon Leonard Peltier? Please see this.   Please copy and share by email or posting on your site.

Lipan Apache State Recognition Email Campaign
12/05/00. Support our EMAIL Campaign in our bid to have our voice heard during the upcoming 77th Texas Legislative Session, by Emailing your State Representative.

Leonard Peltier's Daughter
12/04/00. Leonard Peltier's daughter raising money for a Delegation to go to Washington DC. She is selling hand crafts, and some of Leonard's artwork.

Clinton and Leonard Peltier
11/09/00. Amy Goodman interviews President Clinton on Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now. DEMAND JUSTICE CALL NOW!

It's a no-win for NA Tribes
11/02/00. Please take this issue into consideration when choosing who you will vote for November 7. Please share with 5 people you know.

Cherokee Chief Announcement
10/09/00. Cherokee Chief Publicly Acknowledges the Existence of Undocumented Cherokees. Is He Up to the Rest of the Challenge? "Principal Chief Chad Smith of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, . . . . . . has publicly acknowledged the existence of undocumented Cherokees, but in the same breath, denied their rights to recognition." by Tony Mack McClure

California Reaffirms Support for Tribal Sovereignty
9/15/2000. The California Legislature has passed unanimously a resolution which reaffirms state recognition of the sovereign status of federally recognized Indian tribes as separate and independent political communities within the United States.

Learning from Native Peoples - NOT FOUND 2-24-01
8/19/2000. An edited version of Winona LaDuke's talk that was first delivered at the Thirteenth Annual E F Schumacher Lectures at Yale University. Here are the last four paragraphs.

The Giant Bird
8/14/2000. This story was sent to us by Llewellyn Clark, Peaceseeker, who said it is a true story that came to him from "beyond the mists," perhaps from an Ancestor.

7/25/2000. Email received from Leonard Peltier's editor; forwarded to a NativeNews group; from there to others. Please copy and share by email or posting on your site.

LEONARD PELTIER: Clemency Petition
7/23/2000. This is a copy of Wild Horse's letter to NativeNews requesting assistance in finding those who wish to assist in obtaining Leonard Peltier's freedom. Please copy and share by email or posting on your site.

June 12, 2000. Please copy and share this Press Release.

50 Bills
6/8/2000. Mary sent the following email: "I did a search of the current Congress on Indian and Native American, and this is what I found....."    Webmaster has added some comments on a quick analysis of this search.

6/06/2000. Addresses and instructions for sending Money Orders and/or Packages to Chief Oliver Red Cloud, Red Cloud Tribal Building, Pine Ridge SD.

Red Cloud Requests Assistance
6/05/2000 - Email received here.
SUBJECT: Assistance needed to go to Washington to meet with U.S. President William Clinton and Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit.

Alaska Natives Subsistence Issue
5/18/2000. Email from a friend who is a permanent Alaska resident. Relates her personal experiences relating to this issue and her opinions formed from these experiences and friendships with Native peoples.

Cherokee Nation News
5/12/2000. This links to a sample copy of an excellent weekly Newsletter we receive by email. Contains timely news for all American Indians, plus cultural info.

The Hau de no sau nee Address to the Western World, Geneva
5/02/2000. Very important, currently relevant and crucial information. Needs to be shared with as many as possible! "The first of three parts" . . "comprising an exceedingly penetrating examination of western civilization as seen from the perspective of "the most politically powerful and independent non-Western political body surviving in North America", the Hau de no sau nee, or traditional Six nations council at Onondaga, also referred to as the Iroquois Confederacy."
Part 2: Legal History of the Hau De No Sau Nee
Part 3: Economic History of the Hau De No Sau Nee

Indian Art Northwest
4/10/2000. There will be a Celebration of Native Arts & Culture - May 26-28, 2000 - Portland, Oregon.

Grant for tribal artists in public work
3/15/2000. This Grant is offered by Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin. The DEADLINE is May 5, 2000, it is hoped that Artists who could benefit will see this and have time to apply. Please copy and email this annoucement to as many Native American people and organizations as possible.

Who Is Indian?
2/27/2000. A look at several sources on the subject of who is Indian, what criteria should be used? A friend sent these sources to this writer. Recently saw another Who Is Indian article using most of these same sources.

Year 2000 Census and Native Americans
2/23/2000. This very important, timely, and necessary information by Barbara "Shining Woman" Warren with a word of Caution from the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is posted here for your benefit. Please feel free to copy and paste into email to forward to friends and other important people. Please also paste in Notepad or Word for your own future reference.

What is Native American Culture?
1/1/2000. This "Introduction to Native American Culture" refers to a wide variety of NA Cultures, past and present. We encourage all visitors as well as our community to read this introduction.

Teaching About Thanksgiving
The Truths and The Myths. This is the best material for teachers (and all of us) about the first Thanksgiving that we have read.

Alcatraz - They Held The Rock -
And Gave Their Children A Place To Stand" 1999 was the 30th anniversary of this important event. From: Native People's Magagzine: Fall 1999.

Red River Compact & KCA Tribes
PRESS RELEASE October, 1999 - The Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Tribes of Oklahoma rally to defeat Compact introduced in Congress, affecting their land and oil rights. From Liz Pollard * Smoke Signals Enterprises.

"Let us continue to honor that which
remains only in our dream memory."

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