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African-Native American Genealogy Webpage
Dedicated to "all 20,000 (African-Indian) Freedmen of Indian Territory and their hundreds of thousands of descendants."

Archival Research Catalog
The Archival Research Catalog (ARC) is the online catalog of NARA's nationwide holdings in the Washington, DC area, Regional Archives and Presidential Libraries.   ARC replaces its prototype, the NARA Archival Information Locator (NAIL). You can still perform a keyword, digitized image and location search. ARC's advanced functionalities also allow you to search by organization, person, or topic.

Cherokee Indian Ancestry
This BIA page about Cherokee ancestry, explaining the four categories individuals may fall into, and who to contact for information at each of the three Cherokee Nations, is still temporarily unavailable, as of 09/30/03.

Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory Research
Part of the OKGenWeb Project, with list of Resources used.

Cherokee Roots
These are the famous "rolls." Under the heading Genealogy on this page at the Eastern Band of Cherokee website, is an address where you can purchase two publications called Cherokee Roots Vol. 1 (Eastern Cherokee) and Vol. 2 (Western Cherokee).

Cheyenne-Arapaho Lands Genealogy
In Oklahoma the Cheyenne live in Custer County; Roger Mills County; Canadian County; Kingfisher County, Blaine County; and Dewey County more...
In Oklahoma, the Arapaho live mostly in Blaine County, and Washita County. more.........    Also a short history and links to Resources.

Chickasaw Historical Research Page
This page contains links to some Research Materials for those searching their Chickasaw heritage.

Choctaw Nation
An excellent site with a brief history and links to a variety of other information. Winner of the OKGenWeb Award of Excellence.

This "Batten Family Genealogy" page has some excellent connections to several different Tribal pages and records.

Find A Grave
A long list of grave sites of many famous, and ordinary, Native Americans, with photos of some grave sites just a click away. Chief Seattle and Tecumseh are listed here.

Excellent information and links on the Official Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma website, including Registration information.

Genealogy and Anthropology
This excellent article, in the Seminole Tribe of Florida: History: site, also has links to a subscription service and a booklet for researchers.

Genealogy Webring
This Webring strives to be a "circle of knowledge for all those seeking information" about their American Indian Genealogy heritage.

In association with Getting an Ancestral Clue with Census Records
Adapted From: Genealogy Online For Dummies Please click link here for book details

Grey Eagle's Home
An Ojibwa Indian from Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, spent years tracing his ancestry. After reaching some success, he "decided to make this Web page to help others."

How To Guide
These are instructions on how to trace your Native American ancestry.

Moors & Nanticokes
Excellent genealogical information on these families, with references to Delaware and Virginia sources. "There exists today in Delaware a unique group of people. Descendants of Native Americans, some of whom inter-married with whites, some with blacks: they have maintained a separate and unique community, despite all attempts to force assimilation, for close to 300 years." Written and maintained by a member of this extended "family."

Native American Genealogy
This is the site and appears be have excellent, updated links to information needed for this field of research.

Native American Resources
This is a USGenWeb Project page located on RootsWeb, with extensive list of links to various American Indian genealogy resources.

NEW Searching for Saponi Town
"Identifying and researching Native American ancestry deriving from the Eastern Siouan peoples of the Piedmont of Virginia and North Carolina, also known as Saponi or Tutelo, Family lore of Blackfoot or Blackfeet Indian ancestry derived east of the Mississippi appears to be related to these Eastern Siouan people."

Seminole Nation of OK: History & Genealogy
Official page of Seminoles of OK, with much information and links to Genealogy Resource.

Wakaakta's Genealogy Helper
"No matter how small the content of Indian blood, it is calling for you to find it." This is one of the best resource pages!

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