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Native American Culture written with pictures from 'Red Rock'

Mother and Child

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Children/Families Sponsoring Program
The Sun Eagles administer this program from their home on the Mattaponi Indian Reservation as a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charity. "With our Children's sponsoring program there are still many children that need sponsors. We hope the next one will be you".   Photos of children and details on the site.

2000 ThinkQuest Junior
You'll be amazed at these JUNIOR "Native Americans" contest entries. I couldn't choose - here is the list.

Canku Ota - Kids Page
Articles, stories, and art by students (very good, too). "We welcome them and invite YOU to send us an article."

Circles of Peace
Part of The Hopi Way educational program, a service of the Touch The Earth Foundation

Ethnic Dolls
Example: click on "Jennie" thumbnail on left and full size image appears on right with information: Jennie is a Tlingit Native American who lives on the northwest coast of the United States and Canada. For important ceremonies, Jennie wears a Chilkat blanket that belonged to her great-grandmother.

FAQs - Kids Stop
"We answer your most frequently-asked questions about Aboriginal peoples." and much else. Funded by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

For the Children Program
This is part of the Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program, for the grandchildren of the Elders who would like to pass down their spiritual and cultural traditions, yet often do not have the means.

House 33 Native American Names
Native type names chosen by 3rd grade students, and pictures they made about them. Very interesting and fun too!

Indian Kids - History for Today's Youth
American Indian History for Kids, ages 6-10 - Indian Family and Village Lifestyles.

Say no the Indian way
An anti Drug & Alcohol program, educational in nature. The presentation is done in an Indian way by Richard Lunging Bear, a Renape Powhatan storyteller and sacred dancer - 22 years, at Powwows, Campgrounds, Schools. For Children of all ages.

National Indian Child Welfare Association
"Let us put our minds together and see what kind of life we can make for our children" -Sitting Bull-

Native American Baby Names!
This list has the Female and Male names reversed :) But you will see which is which easily.

Native American Names!
These are a few names that are or were used by the various indigenous peoples who inhabit North and South America.

Other "Name" Sites
Female Native American Names      Male Native American Names

Navajo Creation Story
This was a Student Project of Ms Hos-McGrane's Grades Five & Six, with an explanation of the Four Sacred Mountains and illustrations of these Mountains by the Students.

Red Thunder Essay Contest
This essay competition, sponsored by the author of Red Thunder, is open to all students in grades 5 through 12. Prizes are AlphaSmart Computer or Palm Pilot. At present, sponsoring bookstores are listed only for Seattle and Spokane, WA; and for Boise, ID. More information about Red Thunder and the author: David Matheson the Official Site

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Joseph Sharp - Crucita, a Taos Indian Girl
a Taos Indian Girl
Joseph Sharp
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Frank Wilkin - Indian Boy 1835
Indian Boy 1835
Frank Wilkin
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