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Native American Culture written with pictures from 'Red Rock'

Golden Double Dreamcatcherfrom
Double Dreamcatcher
Flat White 8 inch Dreamcatcher from
White 8" Dreamcatcher
Large Tan Snowshoe Dreamcatcher from
Snowshoe Dreamcatcher
Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) dreamcatchers handmade by tribal members.
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Agard Family Quilts
Authentic Hunkpapa Sioux star quilts. Family owned business includes grandmother Irene, who is 90 years old and two of her daughters and two of her grandchildren. Above link is Satin quilts. Here are Cotton Quilts

American Indian Archery Technology
A good article on how Bows and Arrows were constructed, with illustrations. "The bow and arrow is a complex technology." Part of the "Series in Ancient Technologies" at University of Iowa.

American Indian Art and Gift Shop
Excellent examples of Kachinas, Pottery, Baskets, Jewelry, Stonework, Fetishes, Drums, and Carvings. This Gift Shop is operated by NCIDC - Northern California Indian Development Council.

Birchbark Canoe Builder: Steve Cayard
This is a good article, with illustrations, about building these canoes. "Bark building is a rarer talent than other types....."
Photos on this site load slowly, but the interesting text can be read while waiting; the pictures are worth the wait.

Birchbark Canoes: How To
Excellent Native Technology site, with links to How to build a birchbark canoe, Where to buy a birchbark canoe, Web pages, Books, Videos, Courses on birchbark canoe building. Other Crafts on this site: Moccasins and Mukluks, Native Snowshoes of North America, Brain tanning.

NEW Care and Storage of Your Drum
In native traditions, it is believed that the drum is a living thing. The spirit of the animal and the tree of which the drum is made both live on in the drum. Moreover, our drums are strung with prayers for their rebirth and transformation. When a drum finds its partner, it is a lifelong relationship. Many people name their drums.

Cherokee Images - Making Cherokee Pottery
An excellent detailed description of the craft of making traditional pottery, "a time consuming art."

Crafts: Lane (Lazy) Stitch Beadwork
This is the second in a series of craft "How-Tos" covering a broad range of items. Previous craft "How-To" was Wing Fan construction.

Diane's Native American star quilts
There is an excellent essay here on the importance "of Morning Star Quilts to various Plains Tribes. These beautiful quilts are tied directly to some Tribes' mythology and Star Knowledge, and are used in many sacred ceremonies. They also take center stage in births, weddings, and funerals, . . . . . . ." This site also features good photos of Diane's beautiful quilts.

Dreamcatchers Online
Ojibwe Dreamcatchers: "Our Dreamcatchers are 100% handcrafted by us and we are enrolled members of the Ojibwe (Chippewa) tribe." See the thumbnail image examples of their beautiful work at top of this page.

Finger Woven Sashes
Native American Sashes, Finger Woven in Chevron, Diagonal, Lightning, Double Lightning, Ladder and Arrowhead Designs. 100% Virgin Wool. by Hunting Hawk

Flutes and Flute Kits by Eagle Song Flutes
Everything you ever needed to know about Native Flutes - well not quite - but this site does offer a lot of information; also help if you already own a flute or need assistance with making a flute or playing.

Hand Drums by Native Americans
These drums "are reverently handmade by master Native American drummakers from Taos, New Mexico, world famous for fine drum making." These pictures used for illustration are good examples of beautiful artwork on Drums. (All-One-Tribe is no longer making drums: 9/10/03). A few All-One-Tribe Drums & Accessories can be purchased Here.

Indian Gifts
Business owner Colleen Heminger-Cordell is a member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Tribe. The skills she uses in making her products were learned from her grandmother and Arikara Sioux great-grandmother. Growing, harvesting and making these functional, beautiful, and unique gifts keeps the Heminger-Cordell family very busy.

Katsina Dolls (Kachina)
These are the only traders to offer genuine Hopi Katsina Dolls. This site also features short bios of the artist/carver of each doll.

Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemaking;
"Our History." A brief history of pipemakers and the Sacred Pipestone Quarries, Pipestone, MN.

Kokopelli Native American Cedar Flutes
Download some sound samples of this Flutecrafter's work, and enjoy the pictures of his handmade flutes.

Ktunaxa Crafts
The Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Nation is located in southeastern British Columbia and northern Montana and Idaho. This page has thumbnail images of various types of crafts that link to larger images. Clean, neat attractive site, easy to navigate.

Miridith Morgan Gallery
Miridith Morgan Gallery, owned by a Kiowa tribal member, features "Museum quality beadwork, sculpture, ledger art, traditional fine art, (and much more) of the american plains indian, by multiple award winning Native artists, for the discerning collector..." Don't miss this one. Images are excellent quality, and these "crafts" are definitely special works of Art.

Multitribe Gallery of Baskets
Photos of beautiful woven baskets from Northeast tribes, with educational descriptions.

Native Technology Site
Birchbark Canoes, Moccasins, Native Snowshoes of North America, Brain tanning, by Judy Kavanagh

NEW Pamunkey Pottery
This page describes the history and methods of the Potters of Pamumkey Reservation, King William, VA, who have been crafting unique pottery for hundreds, more likely thousands, of years. They once had a thriving peddlers' trade throughout the Peninsula area. The potters actually sustain two distinct pottery traditions: one probably as old as the community itself, and the other the product of the Great Depression. Clay dug locally from Lay Landing on the Pamunkey River is still used.

Passamaquody Basketmaker
Peter, of the renowned Neptune family of basketmakers, learned the craft from his father at age eight. This page has very clear, vivid, photos.

Pottery of Peter B. Jones
As usual it is impossible to separate Native art from crafts and vice versa. These beautiful pieces are by renowned Iroquoian potter, Peter B. Jones. His works have won many awards, been in exhibits across the country, and are to be found in many fine museums.

Primitive Archery
Basic method for making your own Bow that even the novice can follow. This page is in Native Way Weapons and Flintnapping Supplies.

Primitive Ways
A site dedicated to Ancient technology: atlatl spear throwers and darts, cordage, fire-by-friction, bow and arrow, survival skills, simple kayaks, ancient and earth skills, stone tools, wilderness and outdoors skills, hide tanning, knots, nature awareness, medicinal and edible plants, traditional skills, native technology, prehistoric knives, flintknapping, baskets, aboriginal skills, artifact replication, old ways, and more."

Rug Catalog
Rugs made by Diné (Navajo) Elders. To see images choose 'All' in the Date and Price Fields and a category in the Color field. When I chose only 'Past Week' in the Date field there were no images available as yet. Purchasing these rugs helps to support these Elders who wish to remain on the Land.

Seminole Tribe of Florida: Culture: Chickee
This popular, efficient, and functional Seminole architecture seen all over South Florida was developed when the Seminoles were running from U.S. Troops.

Silversmithing by Sam Silverhawk
Silverhawk creates some truly wonderful jewelry, carvings (of bear tooth, for example), and carved gemstones.

Society of Primitive Technology
Society of Primitive Technology is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research, practice, and teaching of primitive technology.

Southwestern American Made Pottery
This is a commercial site, but features The Wedding Vase Story and many excellent images of Pottery.

Sweet Grass Baskets
Beautiful, artistic, sweetgrass baskets by Jeff Savage, Chippewa (Ojibwe) artist, best known for traditional pipes and figurines.

Unity and Powwow Drums
All One Tribe Drums has these drums for sale - the pictures used for illustration are good examples of beautiful craftsmanship and art as well.

WCHA - Picture, Postcards & Photo Gallery
Members of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association provide some really interesting images of both old and new wooden canoes. You will have a little wait while they load.

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Charles Sabatino - Birds of the Zia Pueblo
Birds of the Zia Pueblo
Charles Sabatino
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Charles Sabatino - Taos Drum
Taos Drum
Charles Sabatino
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Finger Woven Sashes by Hunting Hawk
Native American Sashes, Finger Woven in Chevron, Diagonal, Lightning, Double Lightning, Ladder and Arrowhead Designs. 100% Virgin Wool.

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