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Herbs and Smudge supplies

Bearberry - Kinnikinnick
Native Americans used alone or with tobacco and other herbs. When mixed with tobacco, it was referred to as Kinnikinnick, from the Algonquin for "mixture." Used as a smudge or smoked in a sacred pipe, carrying the smoker's prayers to the Great Spirit. Page also has botanical information on Bearberry.

Herbal Remedies
Native American Herbal Remedies listed in the The Cherokee Messenger, a publication of the Cherokee Cultural Society of Houston, TX.

NEW Indian Gifts
Business owner Colleen Heminger-Cordell is a member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Tribe. The skills she uses in making her products were learned from her grandmother and Arikara Sioux great-grandmother. Growing, harvesting and making these functional, beautiful, and unique gifts keeps the Heminger-Cordell family very busy.

Mother Earth Herbs
An American Indian owned company in CA. offering herbal information, education, and consulting. They also offer how-to assistance.

Niagara Chapter of Native Women
Sweetgrass & Sage "are grown, harvested and bundled by the NCNW in an effort to restore, preserve and maintain native plants which have significance to us and play a part in our lives."

The Pueblo Herb Lady
This article on Herbs and herbalism by "a Native woman of one of the Pueblo nations" is by far the best we have seen. The site is beautiful besides.

SEED: A Ktunaxa Nation Resource
Selective Ethnobotanical Education Directory or SEED is a resource compiled by four students from the Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Nation located in southeastern British Columbia and northern Montana and Idaho. Ethnobotany is the study of the relationship between humans and plants.

Smudging Feathers & Herbs
Earth Circles has a beautiful selection of smudging feathers, handmade by Indigenous Peoples; and a good selection of Herbs.

Sweetgrass - an article
Informative and interesting, about sweetgrass and a First Nations woman who grows it, by Marie Burke, Buffalo Spirit Writer.

Sweetgrass - Redwood City Seed Co.
Here is excellent information - and you can even purchase organically grown plants to start your own plot of Sweetgrass. Scroll past the picture to the information.

Sacred and traditional Native American tobacco seed varieties.

Uses of Tobacco, Sage and Sweetgrass
Spirit Bear's Tipi gives an excellent description, with illustrations, of how these herbs are used.

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