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"All the Rage," a drum made of driftwood, walrus stomach, whale bone, beads, and acrylics, etc., by artist Susie Silook was part of the show, "Ceremony of Healing" by Native women artists expressing outrage at violence against Native women. See Susie Silook for links to Anchorage Daily News articles.
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Opportunities for Artists

Oneida Nation Arts Program
Main Menu: Artist Directory, Classes, Concerts, Grants, and more. Arts opportunities in Oneida in dance, literature, music, theater, and visual arts. Funding provided by Wisconsin Arts Board and Oneida Nation of Wisconsin.

West Coast Natives Online
West Coast Natives online represents Native Artists and their cultural development by helping them to make a living through sharing their art with the community. "We only charge a comission of 20% allowing artists higher returns and buyers lower prices. Give us a try, we know you'll be satisfied."

Individual Artists

Alan YellowHawk
Alan is one of the few remaining older Native American artists. Born and raised on the Cheyenne River, SD, he makes Traditional and Contemporary Lakhota art, mainly Warrior Art: breast plates, chokers, and ear drops.

Dana Tiger
A very special female Native artist of the Creek Tribe.

Denton Lund
Mr. Lund is a fantastic Artist who does absolutely awe-inspiring and unique paintings.

Dine' na' a' cha' ah (Navajo Artist)
The images of Rex A. Begaye, a full-blooded Dine' artist, speak of the universal connection of Mother Earth, Father Sky, and mankind.

Dorothy Sullivan
Dorothy was selected as the Honored One and Master Artist of the Red Earth Festival 1999. In 2001 she was named Cherokee Master Artist by Five Civilized Tribes Museum, Muskogee, Ok. (only 30 master artists named since 1974). She also won the 2001 Best of Show for painting "Gifts of Our Ancestors, 14 generations" at Tsi-La-Gi Cherokee Heritage Center Museum Homecoming Show.

Higinio Hernandez
This is a talented Huichol artist in Mexico who creates beautiful beaded artwork, including masks, using bright colors in his designs.

Jackie Larson Bread
Jackie Larson Bread, an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation, believes that, like life, beadwork is a constant learning process. She has been published in several first class magazines and there are collections of her beaded art in Museums and private collections across the country.

Jeff Savage
Chippewa Artist: "a self taught sculptor and award winning artist, Savage has dedicated a majority of his artistic abilities to . . . . . traditional Chippewa Art forms."

Jerome Bushyhead
These images by this artist of the Cheyenne Tribe are striking, and load fast. Jerome Bushyhead crossed over early this spring (2000). We wish to Thank him for his beautiful Gifts to the world.

Jim Yellowhawk
The artwork of this Lakota/Iroquois artist from South Dakota is marked by spirituality and mysticism. He is widely recognized and has won many awards.

Joanne Shenandoah
This is the official site of Joanne Shenandoah, the celebrated Native American singer, songwriter, and composer.

Ken Masters
Ken is a young full blooded member of Cherokee Nation, creator of traditional pottery, and a singer. You can hear some of his music here, and read what he holds important.

L. David Eveningthunder
The painting, "When We Dance The Spirits Dance," by this Shoshone artist is especially good.

Leonard Peltier
This page features a note from Leonard and a brief history of his painting career. His "art helps finance the operation of the Defense Committee and the ongoing campaign for his freedom."

Merle Locke - Lakota Sioux
"I am an Oglala Lakota Artist who resides on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. As an emerging Lakota artist, I hope to express and reflect our history and culture with better understanding and knowledge for mankind to share in this world. My Artwork is a part of me keeping the Lakota tradition and culture alive."

Paulette Woolhead
missing since early 2001 - Paulette Woolhead, one of the few Native Women carvers, is returning to her Ojibway heritage through her art. Wonderful soapstone carvings!! NOTE:12/02/2002 - Paulette and her wonderful carvings cannot be found on the Internet as yet. A great loss to me.

Randy Simon
Randy Simon is a 34 year old artist from the Mi’kmaq tribe. He is from the Big Cove First Nations, located in the Eastern part of New Brunswick, Canada. His work is influenced by the Mi’kmaq legends that have been passed on for centuries by his ancestors.

R.C. Gorman
A Navajo artist primarily known for his lithographs. He also creates simple and elegant oils and pastels. This site has gone to frames; click on his name in the menu.

Roger Broer - Lakota Art
An enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota Nation, Roger works in monotype, painting (mixed media), drawing, and sculpture. He has won numerous awards and holds two or three Monotype Workshops throughout the United States each year.

Susie Silook
Article about Ms. Silook and artshow "Ceremony of Healing," Art of Outrage : art protests violence against Native women. by Mike Dunham, Anchorage Daily News, 5/24/01. See also article by Sandi Gerjevic 5/29/01, Ways of Healing.

Urshel Taylor
This great artist is from the Pima tribe. The site loads well.

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