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NEW  Aboriginal and First Nation Elders
Many links to sites with information about and for our Elders. This is the Spotlight on the Elders page of the Turtle Island Native Network -Canada's Aboriginal news and information network, Native owned and operated.

Aboriginal Elders Teachings
Wisdom and Proverbs from North American Elders: archived Elders teachings presented by Virtual Circle.

Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program
The vision for this Program, illustrated by a wonderful logo. This is an excellent program to become involved in. Good for you and good for the Elders.

Elder's Honoring Ceremony and Dinner
Poster and information for Elders' Honoring Ceremony & Dinner: Northwest Inter-Tribal Gathering, 11/15/2003, Eureka, CA. Also Social Pow Wow Starting @ 7 P.M., All Dancers Invited. Randy Edmonds (Kiowa) MC. Poster provided by Northern California Indian Development Council

Elder's Meditation of the Day
This page provided by features a different quotation or teaching each day from one of our honored Elders, with accompanying "meditation" and prayer. Have been reading this for several months. Excellent and helpful.

Fred Wahpepah
"Fred Wahpepah is a true elder: simple, kind, funny, down-to-earth, and carrying a deep and hard-earned store of Mother Earth's wisdom." - Jack Kornfield, Author of "Path with Heart"

The Hopi Way - Cloud Dancing
Katherine Cheshire, founder of Touch The Earth Foundation, has worked very closely with the Elderly Elders for many years. We are blessed to have her sharing her insights, and helping the Elders pass their message on to all who will hear it.

Native American Elders' Fund
The Elders’ Fund was founded to send desperately needed temporary assistance to impoverished seniors. We recognize the value of the elders, for it is the grandmothers and grandfathers who are charged with the responsibility of passing on the traditions and heritage of their culture to future generations.

Our Elders: Individual Elder Page
Archie Waditaka [Sioux], BAND: Wahpeton First Nation. This link is changed periodically to the page of a different Elder.

Our Elders: Interviews With Saskatchewan Elders
SICC maintains a long list of their Saskatchewan Elders from many "Bands" and several different Nations. The interviews have been garnered from many sources. All are interesting and instructive.

Treaty Elders of the Lakota Nation Plan Trip to Washington
Elders of the Lakota Nation will soon travel to Washington, D.C. to stand up for Treaty Rights and prepare for a seat in the United Nations. Canku Luta is helping to raise funds to house, feed, and make the elders comfortable on the long trip from S. Dakota to D.C. (news from past)

Who Is An "Elder"?
By Harvey Arden of, "the greatest strength is gentleness; that's a quality I find in all the Elders," This site also features biographies of several Elders including Arvol Looking Horse.

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