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Archaeology of an Iroquoian Longhouse
This site maintained by the Royal Ontario Museum is one of the best I have seen. Click on Explore the site and Explore the Village at bottom right on this page for Clickable images of the Longhouse site, and of the Village. Excellent!

California State University
Images of native architecture and villages.

Census Bureau: Indian Housing Statistics
Bureau of the Census statistical brief on housing of Native Americans on Reservation - this one is on structural characteristics.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida has an excellent page on the history and construction of Chickees.

Colorado Solar Hogan Demonstration
"This project demonstrates how passive solar technology can be integrated with the ancient Navaho hogan (traditional home)" More than 400 University of Colorado students and volunteers worked on the construction of the hogans over a three-year period." Excellent information on this page about the traditional circular Navajo dwelling.

CU Hogans razed for housing
The University of Colorado this week demolished three Navajo-style solar dwellings for years used as a gathering place for American Indian students who fought to keep the aging structures intact. November 29, 2000. This story no longer available online, but they may have it in their "paper" archives.

Cultural Overview of 5 Tribes
You really have to see this site to appreciate it. Creative links to excellent Houses, Food, and Clothes pages for Diné, Lakota, Muscogee, Tlingit, and Iroquois peoples.

The Diné (Navajo) People
Numerous excellent Photographs of the Diné (Navajo) by Ilka Hartmann (includes a few housing pics). This page loads slowly due to the number of photos.

Indian Housing Assistance:
Training, technical assistance and consulting. Dedicated to serving the housing and construction management needs of Native American communities.

Indian Housing Plans (IHPs)
The Office of Native American Program's (ONAP) effort to contact all eligible Indian tribes to encourage submission of an Indian Housing Plan (IHP) by the July 1st deadline is rewarded with phenomenal results. The final date for submission has passed, and the actual extent of the overwhelming response only now is being realized. Of the 579 tribes eligible to participate in the program: 1998

Indians to Tackle Housing Crisis
- on Their Own. This is a good 1997 article in the Christian Science Monitor. Two good photos of housing on Pine Ridge Reservation.

Ioway Village - 1700
On this reconstructed Indian site at Living History Farms you can see bark lodges called "tcakiduthan" (Ioway for "branches bent over to meet").

Native American Architecture
"What's in a House", a popular educational program, shows how Native Americans used available materials to create a comfortable and safe living environment. Many excellent photos of models of different types of pre-contact dwellings.

Native American Church Association
This picture gallery has photos of when they set up their sacred Tipi for their first prayer service of the 2001-2002 school year at Diné College. See also 2003 images.

Native Pre-Contact Housing
Many good pictures of the différent houses/homes built by différent Native nations (tribes); types, map distribution, construction. Second part of a page is an excellent essay on the fallacies about American Indians taught by some "costume" and "model-house" projects. Links to better information and several well-known Native architects who apply traditional concepts to modern projects.

Pictures Around the Reservation
Photos of buildings on the The Pawnee Indian Reserve, Oklahoma, which is approximately 700 acres. Website by Ray Howell.

Pomeioc, Algonquian village
Virginia, c. 1585: typical Algonquian village of wigwam-type houses.

Masonry and Adobe Communal Housing - Native American Indian pre-contact housing. Excellent photos.

Researching Seminole History
At the P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History - there is a good photo of a Seminole/Miccosukee Chickee partway down this page.

USDA Rural Development
Homeownership Week 2001 Photos.

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