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Mark Miller - Indian Corn of the Americas
Indian Corn of the Americas
Mark Miller
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Food and Recipes
Blackberry IDs
Blackberries, yum! At this site you will find general information, photos, and names, including Native names.

Buffalo Stew (Tanka-me-a-lo)
This is a very old traditional recipe of Cherokee origin.

Corn and The Powhatan
An essay on the history and use of Corn and its partnership with two-leggeds, by Chief Roy Crazy Horse of the Powhatan Renape Nation.

Corn Balls (Wahuwapa Wasna)
This is an old Dakota recipe using dried corn kernels and dried Chokecherry or Juneberry (Saskatoons). Wahuwapa means "corn cob," the shape of the finished product.

Cultural Overview of 5 Tribes
You really have to see this site to appreciate it. Creative links to excellent Food, Houses, and Clothes pages for Diné, Lakota, Muscogee, Tlingit, and Iroquois peoples.

Daybreak Farming and Food Project
There is a lot of good information here on white corn, as grown and distributed by the Iroquois. You will want to try some of the recipes; they sound delicious.

This sophisticated article is about indigenous farming systems, practices, and knowledge.

Indian Corn
A short well-written essay about Indian Corn. From: Ross, Cathy and Fernandes, Roger, "Woodland Culture Area," Curriculum Associates, Seattle, Washington, 1979. Reprinted in Teaching About Thanksgiving.

MAHNOOMIN -- Wild Rice
Wild rice is known as "The Sacred Gift." This page gives the University of Minnesota nutritional value analysis, and several recipes for using Mahnoomin.

Nativetech: Food & Recipes
A long list of recipes, some submitted by visitors. It these do not make you hungry, nothing will.

Native American History of Corn
Here is an excellent history about the cultivation of corn, starting in ancient times, "Evolution of Maize Agriculture".

Native Americans and Vegetarianism
This is an article in International Vegetarian Union's History of Vegetarianism Web site, by Rita Laws Ph.D. a Choctaw - Cherokee. She describes the long agricultural history of her Choctaw ancestors before the European invasion.

Seminole Tribe of Florida: Culture: Seminole Food
This page has a short note on traditional food and a recipe for Taal-holelke (Boiled Swamp Cabbage), Seminole style.

Three Sisters - Oneida Indian Nation
The Three Sisters Cookbook features many recipes for preparing the Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash.

Traditional Native Maple Sugar
Wendjidu Zinzibahkwud = Real Sugar (Maple). Here is a story from 1910, when 74 year old Nodinens (Little Wind), an Ojibwe from MN, told about sugaring in her youth.

Tsalagi Recipes
The "links" on this page are a clickable menu for the recipes on this same page, from Bean Balls to Wanegidv (Angelica).

Wojapi (Pudding)
The Lakhota/Cree author of this recipe says, "My Auntie used to make this when I was a little one! Yum!"

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Del Gish - Indian Corn
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