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American Culture (BD Shadow)

American Culture written with pictures from 'Red Rock'

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Musicians/performers needed for NMAI
10/18/03.   The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, opening Sept. 2004, in Washington, DC, is looking for Native artists to participate in the 6-day opening ceremony. To commemorate the historic opening of this new museum, the NMAI will present "Songs, Steps and Stories: The Festival of Native American Music, Dance and Storytelling". An audience of 1 million people is expected.

LPDC Update: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals  
10/12/03.   A ruling isn't expected for three or four months. If you haven't written to the Court, we urge you to do so now. The volume of letters received by the court will demonstrate the wide support for justice for Leonard Peltier.

Day of Prayer and Solidarity for Leonard Peltier  
09/18/03.  We are requesting that all supporters of Leonard Peltier join together in prayer services, private prayer, ceremonies, and vigils in support of Leonard and the 10th Circuit hearing on Leonard's 1999 Habeas Corpus Petition, which will take place on September 19th, 2003. Ask for justice and freedom for Leonard and also that Leonard's health and spirit remain strong in the knowledge that he is never truly alone.

TONATIERRA Annual Human Rights Conference
09/13/03. Saturday. NAHUACALLI - Working Group: Human Rights and Immigration - Theme: COMMUNITY FOOD SECURITY: The Right to Self -Sufficiency

Russians visit Tahlequah to learn about cultural and historic preservation: (c) Tahlequah Daily Press -- 9/02/03 The Cherokee National Holiday attracts thousands of people to Tahlequah to learn about and celebrate traditional Cherokee culture.

Marrow Transplant Desperately Needed
07/25/03. Because he is of Cherokee descent, his chances of finding a match are very slim due to the under-representation of American Indians on the registry. Please sign up for the registry - share this info with other Native or Métis people (Send in Email).

Pipestone, Minnesota:
07/25/03. Sacred Land or Tourist Trap? The local Economic Development council are planning on making a Native American Theme/Amusement Park in Pipestone. They have not contacted the Dakota Community who have resided in Pipestone since 1927.   Please copy and send this Email.

Leonard Peltier Letter to Harvey Arden
07/25/03. I want to thank you, friends, for your unwavering support. My feelings of happiness and love… well, you can’t know how good it feels to know that, after nearly 28 years, you’re still with me. (smile) Thank you.   I have good news . . . . .

Legends of the Northern Lights
07/25/03. The aurora borealis has intrigued people from ancient times, and still does today. The Eskimos and Indians of North America have many stories to explain these northern lights.

Councilman says activist/actor's presence "deeply offensive"   By Marley Shebala
06/19/05. The Navajo Times: June 12th, 2003, Window Rock, AZ, Navajo Nation. Russell Means, a movie actor and AIM leader, had the Navajo Nation welcome mat pulled out from under him on Tuesday. Read the article for the rest of the story.

Support for Black Mesa is needed!
05/27/03. THERE ARE A NUMBER OF WAYS YOU CAN OFFER SUPPORT to the People of Black Mesa who are struggling to save their land, water, way of life, and resisting forced relocation:

Eagle and Condor Honored at UN
05/14/03. The Sacred Staffs of the Confederacy of the Eagle and the Condor arrived at the United Nations headquarters this morning and were received by the traditional leadership of the Haudenausaunee Confederacy.
See also Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: Press Release PDF file.

Our America
04/21/03.   "Our America is an indigenous America. . . . . . . . . is thousands of years old, and it is the future . . . where we don't pray to God to make war to then call it peace. We don't call for freedom and build huge walls of injustice and intolerance. In our America, we simply wish to be good human beings." Clarification of Views
03/31/03.   Dreamkeepers allows the views of peoples from around the world. . . . . . . . . . Sometimes--often--these friends take different views on a given subject. Even when we disagree, we need to listen respectfully to the opinions of others, and express our disagreement forcefully but respectfully.

United Nations Rep, Indigenous Gather
03/07/03.   March 7-9, 2003. The Tlahokan Atzlan gathering, Phoenix. "While Yellowstone's buffalo were being slaughtered and President George Bush craved war, Indigenous from the Americas gathered for the resurrection of their spiritual destinies to protect the earth and all that is sacred" . . . .

Louise Begaye Update
02/27/03. Louise has been weened off the artificial supports and is breathing on her own. Please continue to pray for her and her falmily. See above update for details.

Louise Begaye Ill
02/19/03. Louise Begaye suffered respiratory arrest last Friday which caused her oxygen levels to drop really low. She has since been stabilized and flown to the hospital in Tuscon where there is a lung specialist attending to her. She is still not yet "out of the woods".

02/07/03.   A federal judge says the Justice Department engaged in a cover-up in a lawsuit involving missing American Indian trust funds. by Jerry Seper, The Washington Times

The Sun Eagle's Children/Families Program
01/01/03. With our Children's sponsoring program there are still many children that need sponsors. We hope the next one will be you.

In Loving Memory:
12/30/02. Nilak Butler, September 3, 1953-December 26, 2002, renowned human rights and environmental activist, actress, singer, sister and auntie to many, By Winona LaDuke See also Nilak - Fresh Water Sea Ice

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"Let us continue to honor that which
remains only in our dream memory."

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