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Blackfeet Community College -
The college is a fully accredited, two-year, higher education institution. While attending BCC, one has the opportuinty to become involved in the rich cultural heritage of the Blackfeet Nation.

Diné College
This is the "Higher Education Institution of the Diné (Navajo)." Be sure to check out the Special Programs.

D-Q University
"D" stands for the name of the Great Peacemaker who inspired the founding of the Iroquois Confederacy. The "Q" represents Quetzalcoatl, an Aztec prophet, who symbolizes the principles of wisdom and self-discipline.

Chief Dull Knife College
College on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Southeastern Montana - serves the reservation and surrounding communities. Includes catalog and school history.

First Nations Technical Institute
This institution is an Aboriginal owned and operated education and training facility. It is located on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory near Deseronto, Ontario.

Four Directions Summer Research Program
A program specifically for Native Americans, designed by Native Americans. FDSRP is a summer program run for Native American college students by Native American medical student members of the Native American Health Organization at Harvard Medical School. See this page for Application and information.

Haskell Indian Nations University
"Drawing upon the Sacred Circle as the foundation for American Indian/Alaska Native philosophy, Haskell provides higher education to federally recognized tribal members". They are located in Lawrence, KS.

Institute of American Indian Arts - IAIA
A fully accredited school dedicated to the study, creative application, preservation and care of Indian Arts and Culture.

Little Big Horn College
A public two year college located in the town of Crow Agency, Montana (Ashkuale), capital of the Crow Indian Reservation. They have an open admissions policy,

NAES College
Native American Educational Services College is the only private Native-controlled college in the nation offering a B.A. degree in Community Studies and other programs.

Oglala Lakota College
On March 4, 1971, the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council exercised its sovereignty by chartering the Lakota Higher Education Center. When accreditation was granted in 1983, degrees offered were a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Associate Degrees in Education, Human Hervices, General Studies, Nursing, Lakota Studies, Business and Vocation fields. Subsequent accreditations have added Bachelor Degrees in Lakota Studies, Human Services, and Applied Sciences, and a Master's Degree in Tribal Leasdership and Educational Adminstration.

Sinte Gleska University
Located on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation, SD, this university was started in 1970. First AS degree was awarded in 1973, and the first BA in 1980. Since 1989, they have been accredited to grant a Master of Education degree in Elementary Education. They have an interesting namesake, Spotted Tail.

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute
This Institute in Albuquerque, NM, which is involved in the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Program, offers a wide variety of technical A.A.S. degrees.

Yukon Native Teacher Education Program
Y.N.T.E.P. is a four-year Bachelor of Education degree program offered, in conjunction with the University of Regina, at Ayamdigut Campus of Yukon College. This site sometimes "times-out" but is here, just slow or busy sometimes.


AISES Scholarships
American Indian Science and Engineering Society: List of scholarships available and guidelines for applying.

American Indian College Fund
There are 32 tribal colleges--all founded to fight high rates of poverty, educational failure and cultural loss. These colleges created the non-profit American Indian College Fund to raise desperately needed scholarship, endowment and operating monies.

Grants for Tribal Artists
The Oneida Nation Arts Program offers grants for individual Oneida artists, for community art projects in the Oneida community, and for artist development.

A Guide to Native American Studies Programs
in the United States and Canada, Robert M. Nelson, Editor. A list, by Region, of Colleges and Universities offering these programs, and the Degrees, Certifications, etc. Granted.

National Indian School Board Association
NISBA's vision: Indian control in all matters relating to Indian education through well-trained school board members and parent committees working in cooperation with their tribal governments.

Native Access Program for Engineering
NAPE is designed to offer opportunities for Native People to study engineering. The goal is to increase the number of Native people who receive an engineering education. Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. They also have an excellent Aboriginal Links page.

Oneida Nation Arts Program
Main Menu: Artist Directory, Classes, Concerts, Grants, and more. Arts opportunities in Oneida in dance, literature, music, theater, and visual arts.

Tribal Colleges: An Introduction
A February 1999 report, the first in a series at the Institute For Higher Education Policy. It discusses the success, with little funding, of Tribal Colleges. This page is the Abstract. You can download the full Report in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format .

Tribal Colleges and Universities
Additional documents from the Institute For Higher Education Policy, from February 2000 to May 2001. Here you can read the Abstract and/or download a full Report in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format .

Discovering the Sacred Land Film Project
This Award winning documentary was nationally broadcast on the PBS series POV on August 14, 2001 at 10:00 PM (local times varied). Ten years in the making, In the Light of Reverence juxtaposes reflections of Hopi, Wintu and Lakota elders on the spiritual meaning of place with views of non-Indians who have their own ideas about how best to use the land. The film captures the spiritual yearning and materialistic frenzy of our time.

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