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Native American Christmas
December, 02. This is a very good description by Looks for Buffalo, an Oglala Sioux Spiritual Leader and SandieLee Bohlig, spiritual healer and teacher.

The Prayer of Thanksgiving
November, 02. "This prayer comes from the Native people of the Iroquois Confederacy. . . . This prayer is the backbone of the Iroquois culture."

White Buffalo Miracle
10/06/02. New photo update has been posted at Miracle's Website. Miracle, her mate, JYBD, and their newest calf, Mitakuye Oyasin.

Cherokee Link Newsletter
10/04/02. Urgent: Five Nation Indian Land Reform Act - H.R. 2880. What you can do.

9/28/02: This Powwow featured top drum groups and traditional, fancy, jingle dress, and grass dancers. Elmen Center, 33rd St. & Grange Avenue, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD 57197

LPDC Update/Call For Action
9/10/02.  We were finally able to obtain the high speed scanner we have been working toward. We are asking for your assistance in releasing the documents held at FBI field offices.

LPDC Update/Action Alert
7/24/02.  Scanner needed. Leonard's health urgent. Please share this.

Congressional Native American Caucus Announces
See also Cobell v. Norton Web Alert, 7/17/02.

Peltier denied parole
7/17/2002. (date posted) Leavenworth Times article by Connie Parish, 7/10/2002. "Peltier denied parole as new FBI documents released."

Cobell v Norton
7/11/2002.  Web Alert
White House asks Congress to shield Administration Officials from penalties for breach of trust and document destruction.

Elouise Cobell
7/09/2002.  On the evening of Friday, July 12, 2002, "Nightline Up Close," a new program on the ABC network anchored by Ted Koppel, spends 30 minutes with the lead plaintiff in the Indian trust fund class action, a lawsuit which seeks an accurate accounting of monies the federal government holds in trust for over 500,000 American Indians. (note: date corrected from July 11 to July 12)

Leonard Peltier's Parole Hearing Delayed til July 9th
7/02/2002.  There is still time to send letters of support!
Sample letter at
See also Harvey Arden's letter of 6/3/2002.

Wildfire Leaves Apaches With Misery--and Pain
7/01/2002.  Two articles: Away From the TV Cameras, Fire Consumes Apache Land By Charlie LeDuff, New York Times 26 June, 2002; and Arizona Burns By Jennifer Van Bergen, Opinion, 29 June, 2002; and Donation to help information.
7/01/02 update: part-time firefighter charged.

Save America's Wolves
6/05/2002.  Urgent! Letter from Ed Asner for Defenders of Wildlife: "Our nation's wolves are in serious danger and I need your help to save them. . . . . .

Leonard Peltier Parole Hearing
6/03/2002.  Leonard's hearing will be 7/01/02. Please read this plea from Harvey Arden about how to help Free Leonard.

Help Save Wild Buffalo
4/19/2002.  New York Times: "Farm Bill Could Mean Killing of Bison (& Elk) in Yellowstone." "Steve Torbit, senior scientist for the National Wildlife Federation in Denver said the Animal Health Protection Act 'would give authority to kill wildlife to a single special interest, the livestock industry.'" This email to us includes addresses to write to legislators, phone numbers and other ways to help, as well as the NY Times article.

Alaska Eagle Pictures
4/16/2002. The Eagles are back. Here are the first pictures, 4-11-2002, of their first Egg this year, and the link to the Eagle cam.

World Peace and Prayer Announcement
4/09/02. Copy of email received this day from
This year the main event will be held in South Africa (June 21, 2002). Accommodations for over 40 Elders from North and South America must be secured. This year it is also hoped that His Holiness, the Dalai Lama can attend. World Peace and Prayer Day now has non-profit status.

Ancient Alaska
4/08/02. Scientists find community that thrived for 1200 years. By Doug O'Harra, Anchorage Daily News.

Anchorage Daily News
3/28/02. First migrating gray whales spotted near Seward.

3/22/02. The Case of Cobell v. Norton Symposium to be held March 26, 2002 at Gonzaga University Law School, 721 N. Cincinnati, Spokane, Washington. For further information, please contact Bonnie White, Gonzaga University School of Law, at 509-323-5791. Click above for details of Symposium.

World Peace and Prayer Day
3/01/02. Email from Stephanie M. Schwartz, American Correspondent, Publishing, with message about World Peace and Prayer Day, June 21, 2002, from Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe.

Legend of Uktena
1/24/02. The Cherokee Legend of Uktena, as reported in 1897-1898 by James Moody, who lived with the Cherokee Nation for several years.

Articles Posted in Year 2001

Articles Posted in Year 2000

"Let us continue to honor that which
remains only in our dream memory."

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