Email received by Webmaster - please pray for Leonard.  
  September 18, 2003   

We are requesting that all supporters of Leonard Peltier join together on September 18th in prayer services, private prayer, ceremonies, and vigils in support of Leonard and the 10th Circuit hearing on Leonard's 1999 Habeas Corpus Petition, which will take place on September 19th, 2003. Ask for justice and freedom for Leonard and also that Leonard's health and spirit remain strong in the knowledge that he is never truly alone. Creator and all of Leonard's supporters are with him in spirit always.

PO Box 583
Lawrence, Kansas 66044-0583
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Message from Pam

I want to send a thankyou to all that contributed their letters for Leonard. For those who haven't seen them they are linked on the homepage of dreamkeepers. Please be sure to check out the September 15th article from the Denver Post, it is an overview of the events that led up to tomorrows day in court. In order to accomodate the work on Leonard's book and the pre- ordering, Harvey has opened another site. It's address is we will be forwarding all letters for Leonard to this new site. The site is still under construction, so keep visiting! It is sure to have alot of interesting and important content for Leonard. Thanks again for all of your support in this important struggle for all of our futures!

In the Spirit of Leonard Peltier,


Pamela Rickenbach

voice: 413-268-7030

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