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August 6, 2002
Inspector General Report

Inspector General Report:
IG concludes "this 'bunker mentality' displays itself time and again. . . . begin by protecting one's own Bureau . . . then protect the Department, and/or the institution . . . finally, protect the public interests for which the Department is responsible, in this case those of the Individual Indian Trust accountholders."

Part One: pages 1-15

Part Two: pages 16-30

Part Three: pages 31-45

Part Four: pages 46-60

Part Five: pages 61-75

Part Six: pages 76-89

Cobell v Norton is a class action suit against the federal government regarding mismanagement of IIM [Individual Indian Monies] trust accounts (billions of dollars in oil, gas, coal, timber and other revenue derived from more than 11 million acres of land held in trust for the benefit of 500,000 current individual Indian trust beneficiaries)

This Site first became aware of this IMPORTANT lawsuit (for everyone) when an email with the following article arrived the first of March, 2001.

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