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American Culture (BD Shadow)

American Culture written with pictures from 'Red Rock'

for year 2001

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NOTE: near end of October, 2001 - due to a fall, webmaster was unable to work on computer until January 2002.   No new material was posted during that time.

Say no the Indian way
10/20/01. An anti Drug & Alcohol program, educational in nature. The presentation is done in an Indian way by Richard Lunging Bear, a Renape Powhatan storyteller and sacred dancer - 22 years, at Powwows, Campgrounds, Schools. For Children of all ages.

10/01/01. How to help with the Indian Trust: Cobell v. Norton lawsuit against the federal government for mismanagement of IIM [Individual Indian Monies] trust accounts. See also

Taking skull brings man prison term
9/29/01. Juneau -- A self-described amateur archaeologist who pleaded guilty to disturbing a 1,400-year-old Alaska Native gravesite was sentenced to three months in prison by a federal judge on Wednesday. Alaska Daily News

Essence of the Spirit Bear
9/28/01. An article about British Colombia's rare spirit bear; from California Wild Web site which is published by the California Academy of Sciences. See also What Makes a White Bear White on Academic Press Daily inScight and The Kermode Bear, also known as the Spirit Bear or Ghost Bear.

9th Sacred White Buffalo Calf
9/27/01. Incredible! 9th Sacred White Buffalo Calf Born on the Double E Buffalo Ranch in Vanderbilt Michigan on August 7, 2001. "White Buffalo Calf Woman's spirit would make her presence known—a sign of great changes signifying the Crossroads" - Chief Arvol Looking Horse

An open letter to those interested in peace or war ...
9/24/01. "My Name is Jim RabidWolf Hickinbotham, I am an indigenous man of North America (Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma). What I speak, I speak for myself and no one else. I represent no one, no one tells me what to say. I think for myself."

Discovering the Sacred Land Film Project
8/11/01. This Award winning documentary will be nationally broadcast on the PBS series POV on August 14th at 10:00 PM (check local listings). Ten years in the making, In the Light of Reverence juxtaposes reflections of Hopi, Wintu and Lakota elders on the spiritual meaning of place with views of non-Indians who have their own ideas about how best to use the land. The film captures the spiritual yearning and materialistic frenzy of our time.

Indian Trust News
7/24/01. Washington Post - By Ellen Nakashima: At BIA, Seeking More For Tribes to Bet On McCaleb Makes Pitch for Energy Development

Miracle's Birthday
7/20/01. The Update we received in email posted here; contains info about the 7th Birthday celebration planned for Miracle and her friends worldwide; also has links to Website of the Sacred White Buffalo.

Kinnikinnik: Gift of the Bear
7/05/01. This story, written by Grandmother Keewaydinoquay, Ojibway and Ahmeekogendah, tells how BEAR gifted that "strange, unfurred animal named mankind" with Bear Berry. Copyright © TOUCH THE EARTH FOUNDATION, 1998-2001, and posted on this site with written permission.

The Sunday Oklahoman
6/10/01. Editorial:- Broken Trust: Can Neal McCaleb Overhaul the BIA?

American Indian Quotations
6/03/01. A small collection of quotations by American Indian peoples, past and present.

Eagle Chicks
5/29/01. Photos of newly hatched Eagle chicks in Alaska.

Eklutna River rehab
5/29/01. Village wants to remove junked cars and other trash and restore salmon runs. By Elizabeth Manning, Anchorage Daily News

Art of Outrage
5/24/01. Violence against Native women. By Mike Dunham, Anchorage Daily News See also Ways of Healing, By Sandi Gerjevic, 5/29/01

Cobell v Norton
5/01/2001. All Press Releases and Articles sent here by concerning this History Making class action suit against the federal government regarding mismanagement of IIM [Individual Indian Monies] trust accounts. This issue is heating up and becoming popular, therefore there are too many for this List of Articles page.

Grant for Tribal Artists
4/27/2001. from The Oneida Nation Arts Program, UPDATE of 3/15/2000 article.
Oneida Nation Arts Program offers grants for individual Oneida artists, for community art projects in the Oneida community, and for artist development.

From Michael Johnson
04/10/2001. This article, received in email on 03/23/01 was written in response to Cherokee Chief Announcement Cherokee Chief Publicly Acknowledges the Existence of Undocumented Cherokees  by Tony Mack McClure (10/09/00). This response makes many good points.

AFN asks U.S. to look into attacks
3/22/2001. Violence in Alaska is often racially motivated, leaders say. By Sheila Toomey, Anchorage Daily News,

Lead Plaintiff In Indian Lawsuit Speaks
3/03/2001. Trying to right a wrong By BETSY COHEN of the Missoulian, Missoula, Montana. Leader in Indian case against U.S. says accountability is the key issue.

1/01/2001. "Dear PRESIDENT CLINTON-- This is Harvey Arden, editor of Leonard Peltier's PRISON WRITINGS: MY LIFE IS MY SUN DANCE. Please read the brief exchange of emails below."

Articles Posted in Year 2000

"Let us continue to honor that which
remains only in our dream memory."

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