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Email received Friday, July 25, 2003

Please copy and send this Email.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED.....................

There is a situation happening in Pipestone that we believe you should know about. We hope you are interested in Native American issues enough to help us, and we feel this is a biggy.

We have made up a few webpages to give the story and the history of Pipestone and the problem.

Basically the local Economic Development council are planning on making a Native American Theme/Amusement Park in Pipestone. They believe that the Native American history, cultures and spirituality are theirs to use. They have not contacted the Dakota Community who have resided in Pipestone since 1927 about their plans although Chuck has written to them they do not want to know.

They have advisors in town who play at being Native but are basic newcomers to the town, and are not Dakota. It's like Vine Deloria said, 'The whites are sincere but they are only sincere about what they are interested in,not about Indians about whom they know very little. They get exceedingly angry if you try to tell them the truth and will only reject you and keep searching until they find the Indian of their fantasies? ' These people tend to believe in money first and spirituality and culture last.

We feel that they are using the culture and spirituality only to make a financial killing. McDonald's is willing to put a Native American themed restaurant in town as well if this park opens. For all of this to be put so close to the sacred quarries (2 miles at the most) is an insult to those who come to quarry and to perform ceremony. There are 2 sundances that take place here every year as well as private ceremonies. We can envision a lot more tourists coming into the sacred areas, and with them the disrespect that comes with crowds.

Anyway as I said the full story is at~~

The petition is also included on a link on the site, we hope to get a lot of support via that.

If you are in agreement with our stance would you please forward this info on to who-ever you think will be interested. Thanks so much.

This country is built on the graves of our ancestors. Protect Native American Graves and Sacred Sites!!


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