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Leonard Peltier's daughter raising money
for a Delegation to go to Washington DC

Date: 12/04/00

I received the following in my personal email today, forwarded from Zan Benham.
This is VERY IMPORTANT and of interest to a great many people.


Read the email included in this email, below, and if you can help, please do.

Lisa really needs money to continue her work gathering a delegation to get to DC to ask for clemency for her father. If you need further info on this cause please read the last newsletter. At this time the cause to Free Leonard Peltier is really low on funds so anything you can send will be helpful.

So please mail this to her post haste - to Lisa Lozano (her married name), c/o James Robideau, 5501 80th St. N (#508), St. Petersburg, FL 33709

May the blessings of our oneness with one another permeate and tear down our walls of arrogance, greed and separation. May we all dance in the same circle.
Many blessings, Zan

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Sent: Monday, December 04, 2000 10:35 AM

Please we need some help here.
Leonard's daughter Lisa is coming to my home today and bringing with her some hand bags with hand quilted Morning Star design on them.They are for sale for $75.00. Lisa is trying to raise money for the last ditch effort to get Leonard pardoned.
Lisa also has some artwork done by Leonard for sale. Anyone interested please contact me right away.
Lisa is leaving for New York on Thursday to try to raise money there.

Lisa was very badly treated at the Leesburg Pow-Wow this week end and they had vendors pack up and leave because of it. All she had asked was to be able to put a blanket out for her father's cause, and a table where literature and signatures could be dealt with and she was refused.
Anyone wishing to donate to the cause, please contact me and I will put you in touch with Lisa.

Please this is important.

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