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This information arrived in my email from Wiyaka. It was "telephoned directly to (him) by family members in Pine Ridge, at their request."

PLEASE share this information with any and ALL concerned persons!


Please send any and all donations to the following address:

Grass Roots Oyate
c/o Chief Oliver Red Cloud
PO Box 846
Pine Ridge SD 57770

If monetary donations are to be sent, the BEST way to send money is to send a Money Order, made out to Chief Oliver Red Cloud for the Grass Roots Oyate. Bank Checks are difficult to cash, as there is no bank in Pine Ridge -- Money Orders can be cashed easily at the Post Office or the grocery store.

Packages containing material contributions (blankets, coffee, canned goods, flour & the like) can be send in one of two ways. Since there are NO "street addresses" in Pine Ridge, UPS sometimes gets confused as to where to deliver packages, so "directions" must be given as an "address" on anything sent via UPS. If you choose UPS, please address as follows:

Grass Roots Oyate
c/o Chief Oliver Red Cloud
Red Cloud Tribal Building
Pine Ridge SD 57770

Packages can also be sent via US Postal Service to the above listed PO Box number. The Post Office is very good at handling packages and will be certain that any packages get into the hands of Chief Red Cloud.

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"Let us continue to honor that which
remains only in our dream memory."

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