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Date: 12/28/00
VOTE.COM | Should President Clinton Pardon Leonard Peltier?
The Vote count was 55% - no, 44% - yes, when I posted this page. This morning (12/29/00) when I checked it was 48% - no and 52% - yes! Great Response!
12/30/00 count was up to 55% - yes and 45% - no

12/31/00: 7:15 PM EST - Update copied from site:
Yes was at 52%    No was at 48%

01/09/01: 1:30 PM EST - Update copied from site: Yes (19,003)  No (22,587) 

01/10/01: 10:00 PM EST - Have email from lady who says she has been watching the site daily and that at one point the YES was up to 25,000 votes. She thinks something "wrong."

12/31/2000: New note from Harvey Arden, Leonard Peltier's publisher:

Thanks for the encouragement. I missed 3 phone calls from Leonard when I was out of the country recently. I was scratching my head about what I could say to him when he calls next. But now, because of folks like you, when he calls again I can assure him we're ALL 100% behind him and with him every step of the way. He's the one who taught me that every blow they strike against us makes us stronger.

Hey, I agree, keep the vote goin' on VOTE.COM...They're sneakin' back up on us!

/Harvey Arden


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Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 03:22:45 EST
Subject: Re: VOTE.COM | Should President Clinton Pardon Leonard Peltier?
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Click here: VOTE.COM | Should President Clinton Pardon Leonard Peltier?

Folks--this is a slanted poll the FBI has jumped of their dirty
little games...let's show'm we have a few hundred thousand supporters ASAP!
Please GO TO THE SITE, vote YES...and do it NOW! ... and get every friend
you know to do the same. Let's turn around these skewed results!

Silence, they say, is the voice of complicity.
But silence is impossible.
Silence screams.
Silence is a message,
just as doing nothing is an act.

Let who you are ring out and resonate
in every word and every deed.
Yes, become who you are.
There's no sidestepping your own being
or your own responsibility.

What you do is who you are.
You are your own comeuppance.
You become your own message.

You are the message.

--Leonard Peltier
from Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance, p216
available at

/Harvey Arden
"Bringing the Elders to the World...and the World to the Elders"

Also see newest suggestions and requests from Mr. Arden: A WAY OUT OF THE PELTIER DILEMMA: BLANKET AMNESTY


You may also send the president an email at:


FAX: 202-456-2461.

Your message or phone call may be the one that convinces President Clinton!


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