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Urgent: Five Nation Indian Land Reform Act - H.R. 2880

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Thank you for all of your responses to the emergency newsletter sent earlier this week. If you have not had a chance to respond, please do so as soon as possible. The bill must be passed before Congress lets out on Oct. 11th unless Congress extends their session to the 18th in which case we would ask for further support of H.R. 2880 a.k.a. Five Nation Indian Land Reform Act. It is important that you review the following information about this urgent matter.

Indian Land Reform Act - Recent letter from Chief Smith:

The facts regarding H.R. 2880:

Letter From Chief Smith To Senator Inhofe:

Bill Summary & Status for the 107th Congress:

Bill Summary & Status (The Act)

Please call, e-mail, and/or fax Senator Inhofe to show your support for H.R. 2880. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

James Inhofe, United States Senator
Phone: (202) 224-4721
Website for e-mail:
Fax: (202) 228-0380

For further instructions on sending your support, please review the letter from Chief Smith:




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***Cherokee Nation News***

Stories from this week are found on the Cherokee Nation main web site.
If you miss them on the main page, you can find them at:

The facts regarding H.R. 2880: 9/30/2002
C Cherokee Nation
Has minimal effect on Oil and Gas producers
Does not invent new rules and regulations for the oil and gas industry.

Will not retroactively affect lands taken by adverse possession.
Benefits only Individual Indians, not tribal governments

H.R. 2880; The Five Nations Indian Land Reform Act: 10/01/2002
C Cherokee Nation
Help protect the restricted lands belonging to individual Indians - This
is the allotted lands that so many of our families have lost over the
past 100 years. This law, known has H.R. 2880, would help preserve the
tiny fraction of remaining restricted allotments.

Letter to Senator Inhofe: 10/01/2002
C Cherokee Nation
This letter is in regard to some recent objections and concerns you have
received for HR 2880, the Five Nations Indian Land Reform Act. We
respectfully request that you release the bill and move for its passage
prior to adjournment... From Principal Chief Chad Smith

Cherokee Nation Sponsors Workshop on Goat Vegetation: 10/4/2002
C Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation is sponsoring a goat vegetation management workshop
October 9 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Cherokee Nation Cultural
Grounds in Tahlequah.

Tribal Registration Field Schedule Announced: 10/04/2002
C Cherokee Nation
A field certification clerk from the Cherokee Nation Registration
Department will be available to assist Cherokees with applications for
Certificate of Degree of Blood (CDIB) cards and membership in the
Cherokee Nation at sites throughout the tribe's 14-county area.

Cherokee Nation And NSU Host Child Welfare And Family Preservation
Conference: 10/4/2002
C Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation and Northeastern State University recently joined
forces to host this year's Child Welfare and Family Preservation

Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma Enter into Car Tag Compact: 10/2/2002
C Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation made history Monday by becoming the first Indian
Nation to enter into an agreement with the State of Oklahoma regarding
the issuance and recognition of tribal motor vehicle tags.

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Defendants Arrested by Cherokee Nation
Marshals: 10/2/2002
C Cherokee Nation
Four defendants now face federal grand jury indictments after
investigations and arrests by the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service. Three
of the defendants are charged with conspiracy and theft from an Indian
gaming establishment by employee, and one for embezzlement within Indian

Cherokee Nation EMS Offering Emergency Training Courses: 10/2/2002
C Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation will wrap up the year by offering several emergency
medical training courses in the upcoming months. Courses will be offered
at the Cherokee Nation Emergency Medical Services building located at
22114 South Bald Hill Road in Tahlequah.

Opening Of The Seventh Annual Cherokee Homecoming Art Show Set For
October 5th: 10/2/2002
C Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Heritage Center will hold the Seventh Annual Cherokee
Homecoming Art Show Opening on Saturday, October 5 with a reception
beginning at 2 p.m. Artists will compete for $5,000 in prize money in
Visual Arts (paintings, graphics, and sculpture); Pottery; Basketry;
Beading and Jewelry; Textiles, and Traditional Arts (blowguns, bows,
gigs, etc.).

Young Cherokee Goes to Washington: 9/30/2002
C Cherokee Nation
Jeremy Marshall remembers having fun playing with dirt and rocks at his
home in Welling when he was young. Now, the Sequoyah High School
graduate counts blockbuster movie premieres and rubbing elbows with our
nation's leaders among his hobbies.

Cherokee Nation Marshals Arrest Suspects For Stealing Pipe: 9/30/2002
C Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation Marshals recently arrested two suspects for stealing
irrigation pipe from Cherokee Nation property in Delaware County. Four
additional suspects are expected to face charges for their cooperation
in the crime.


*** Local Area ***

Come check out the Community Calendar:


**** Cultural Tidbits ****

Of historical Cherokee events

Cherokee Delegation to England
From the Salem Gazette, Vol. V, No. 227, Salem, MA Feb. 15, 1791

London. Particulars of the Cherokee Embassy - The Indian Chiefs have
been absent from their own country eighteen months. They arrived at
Halifax, nova Scotia, in May last after a most tedious journey, of only
twelve days short of twelve months.

Their country is situated somewhere about the source of the Mississippi;
but instead of adopting the course of that river for their general guide
to the North American shore, by which they might have penetrated through
Vermont, and reached Virginia in three months, they took a westerly
direction and thereby unnecessarily traveled a tract some thousand
miles, which at last brought them to the Halifax. The Governor of that
settlement was unwilling to take upon himself the conduct of their
voyage to England, and therefore sent them to Quebec, Lord Dorchester,
who provided them with a passage on board a vessel bound for London.

The avowed purpose of their mission to this country, was to solicit a
supply of arms and ammunition for the present purpose of effectually
repelling the inroads of some troublesome neighbors in search of this
assistance they were willing to enter into an engagement to turn their
whole force against any power in that quarter of the globe who's views
were inimical to the interests of Great Britain. The appearance of the
political hemisphere certainly renders it impolitic to enter into any
engagement of this nature at the present period; but may nor infer that
these offers would be a most propitious circumstance for this country,
had public affairs taken a different turn, as they have at this time
between 40 and 50,000 men ready to take the field.


For information relating to tribal registration:

Looking for employment with the Cherokee Nation? Check out
our employment listing:


**** Higher Education Opportunities ****

Looking for scholarship, internship, fellowship opportunities in higher
education? Check out this information:

The Ford Foundation Fellowships for Minorities scholarship is design to
help the six (6) minority groups to increase the number of students in
the graduation level.

Eligibility Requirements:
*US Citizens or National
*Native-American, Mexican American/Chicana/Chicano, Alaska Native,
Native Pacific Islander, Black/African American, or Puerto Rican

Stipends And Allowances:

Predoctoral-$16,000 to the fellow, institutional allowance of $7,500 for
three years

Dissertation-$21,000 for one year

PostDoctoral-$34,000 for one year, $3,000 travel and relocation
allowance, $2,000 cost-of-research allowance, $2,500 employing
institution allowance, to be matched by employing institution

All awardees have expenses paid to attend the Conference of Ford Fellows
for three years.

Predoctoral - November 20, 2002
Dissertation - December 4, 2002
Post Doctoral - January 8, 2003

For Further Information and Applications, contact:
Fellowship Office, GR 346A
National Research Council of the National Academies
500 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Phone: 202-334-2872
Fax: 202-334-3419


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