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The following received in email from on April 9, 2002

World Peace & Prayer Day Announcement

As many know by now, World Peace and Prayer Day is right around the corner. There is still a lot to be accomplished. This year the main event will be held in South Africa. Accommodations for over 40 Elders from North and South America must be secured. This year it is also hoped that His Holiness, the Dalai Lama can attend. There are so many things that are needed in order to make this gathering successful.

WPPD is now seeking contributions. Please help make this event successful! World Peace and Prayer Day now has non-profit status, so donations can be made easily. It will take all of us to make this work!

To make donations please contact


Articles and Statements from Arvol Looking Horse

Please read Peter Champoux's "Why Honor Sacred Sites?" article located on Arvol's Preview Site on

Also, please read Arvol's statement to the world, World Peace and Prayer Day Statement 2002

Other statements are also available: The Life and Words of Chief Arvol Looking Horse

For those interested the full proposal is available. Thank you so much for your support!!!

Learn more.

Also, Arvol will be on the Art Bell radio show on April 18th at 1AM Eastern Time, (Midnight-Central Time)!

Click here to find the radio station in your area to hear the program.

For more info please visit


Pamela Rickenbach - Milos

voice: 413-268-7030
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