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Vision Seeker
Vision Seeker
Jerome Bushyhead
O Great Spirit
grant me a vision.
Let it be good.
Let it bless all people. 

September 27, 2001: Received the following email today from the Stephanie M. Schwartz, on behalf of Beth O'Rourke, Ron O'Rourke, and little Emily, Double E Buffalo Ranch. Steph is webmaster for Miracle, The Sacred White Buffalo website.

September 27, 2001


On behalf of the O'Rourke Family, I am honored to be allowed to announce the birth of another sacred white buffalo calf. Born on the Double E Buffalo Ranch in Vanderbilt Michigan on August 7, 2001, this female calf is now healthy and strong and already beginning the color changes as foretold in the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Sioux prophecies and the stories of many Native American Nations.

Incredibly, this is the 9th white buffalo calf born since Miracle was born in August of 1994 in Janesville, Wisconsin. Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the Original Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, sent these words to me about this wonderful new calf yesterday.....

White Buffalo Calf Woman's spirit would make her presence known—a sign of great changes signifying the Crossroads. I never dreamed I would live to witness this momentous time. Eight other white buffalo have since stood upon Mother Earth. White Buffalo Calf Woman's spirit has announced her message of support in this time of great danger, and she continues to announce the message in the birth of each White Buffalo--each one of them a Sign, each one a fulfillment of ancient Prophecy as well as a new Prophecy for our times.

Pictures of this beautiful calf can currently be seen at the following temporary webpage..... O'Rourke White Buffalo Calf

The O'Rourke family is awed by this gift to them and clearly recognize the spiritual importance this holds for many people of many traditions. Certainly, in these days of crisis, this brings a ray of hope to all of us for the future of our world and harmony amongst humanity.

The O'Rourke Family would also like me to let you know that you are welcome to visit the new calf free of charge during Ranch Business Hours of 10:00am to 5:00pm, Tuesday Through Saturday. If your visit can only be at another time, please call ahead for an appointment. After remaining for the traditional four days, any prayer and ceremonial items left at the fence will be moved to a safe place nearby on the Ranch.

Visitors are, however, asked to allow plenty of time to see the calf. She is with the herd on 120 acres of open, hilly range and the grazing pattern is such that she's not alway readily accessible to see. Additionally, due to the ranch being located in northern Michigan, inclement weather can often be a factor in viewing.

More informaton about the Ranch can be found at their website, Double E Buffalo Ranch Online

Peace.   Mitakuye oyasin....   We Are All Related in the Sacred Hoop of Life. -steph

Stephanie M. Schwartz,
on behalf of
Beth O'Rourke, Ron O'Rourke, and little Emily
Double E Buffalo Ranch
8450 O'Rourke Road
Vanderbilt, MI 49795
Telephone: 989-983-4433 Eastern Time Zone

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Stephanie M. Schwartz, Webmaster
Miracle's Website ~ Miracle, The Sacred White Buffalo


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