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This Notice arrived by Email on April 27, 2002.

Roberta Blackgoat's Passing

April 23, 2002


A great spirit has passed among us and now passes from our midst, Navajo "Fighting Grandmother" Roberta Blackgoat-who for the past two decades stood tall- the world's mightiest 4'10"--against the power and greed of the energy barons who are well on their way toward stealing the resources-and the soul-of this holy land we call America and which Roberta called Great Turtle Island.


Roberta's death brings a profound sadness to all of us who knew her and loved her, or just knew of her yet loved her just the same. She was-and is-a true Spirit-Warrior. Just type "Roberta Blackgoat" into any search engine and you will be drawn into her struggle, her holy struggle, to remain on her beloved land on sacred Big Mountain over the past two decades.

We at have been working with her and her circle of friends to create a Dreamkeepers LivingBook in her honor---a full multimedia ever- evolving LivingBook website where Roberta's message, her life, her memories, her struggle will be given a platform and a repository for all digital time. Now, alas, Roberta herself is gone physically from our midst-but still only a soul-beat away from us. Our work on her LivingBook doesn't end-not by any means.


For Roberta, and for many other Elders who have already gone before us into that other world, we at are creating a new division of LivingBook websites-honoring those who have passed in recent years.

I myself have seen so many wonderful Grandmothers and Grandfathers pass down that Canku Wakan-or Holy Path, as it's known in Lakota-and have felt impotent that I could not have worked closely with more than a few of them. I think of Mathew King and Frank Fools Crow and Leon Shenandoah, whom I've known personally and some of whose wise, even holy words I was privileged to record and publish in my book Wisdomkeepers and others.


But there are many many thousands of Elders whose passage on this Mother Earth quickly fades like smoke from a fire-unless we who follow just behind them- gather the essence of their lives and message and give them a repository and a permanent digital platform, accessible not only to ourselves but to all the generations yet to come, the Seventh Generation and beyond.

That is the mission of We ask you-- each of you personally--to join in this work, not simply as a subscriber but as a contributor to, and volunteer for, the scores of LivingBooks we now have underway-- and the hundreds, even thousands we will be adding in the future.

Roberta Blackgoat

A-ho, Roberta- we are thinking of you! May your continued journey along the Holy Road take you back to friends and family you have known and loved. Know that you will always have a home in the hearts of each of us and all of us. Thank you for making this a better world for all humankind. Your spirit shines through the eyes of millions of people everywhere. We at are honored to honor you.


Harvey Arden & Pamela Rickenbach

voice: 413-268-7030

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