Art of the Americas after 1300:

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Anonymous, a view of the world, detail from Codex Fejervary-Mayer, Aztec or Mixtec, c.1400-1521. paint on animal hide. Mexican.

Anonymous, Machu Picchu, Inka, 15th-16th centureis. architecture. Peruvian.

Anonymous, tunic, Inka, c.1500. wool and cotton. Peruvian.

Annonymous, llama, Inka, 15th century. cast silver with gold and cinnabar. Peruvian or Bolivian.

Map of the Southwestern areas of North America with locations of ruins and historical grouping.

Anonymous, shoulder bag, Kansas, c.1860. wool fabric, cotton fabric and thread, silk ribbon, and glass beads. Native American.

Anonymous, blackfoot women raising a tepee, c.1900. photograph. Native American

Anonymous, Crow design on teepee, Crow Tribe, Sioux nation, 19th century. painted fabric housing. Native American.

Anonymous, Custer's Last Stand, Crow Tribe, Sioux nation, c. 1890.  painted cloth teepee lining.  Native American.

Anonymous, battle-scene hide painting, North Dajita, Mandan, 1797-1805. tanned buffalo hide, dyed porcupine quills, and pigment. Native American

Anonymous, Cliff House at Mesa Verde, Anasazi, 12th century. architecture/city planning. Native American.

Spruce Tree House at Mesa Verde, Anasazi, 12th century. architecture. Native American.

North Courtyard, Spruce Tree House at Mesa Verde, Anasazi, 12th century. architecture. Native American.

Map of Southwestern North America showing contemporary location of various tribes.

Kachina dancer at festival, holding cattails, Jemez Pueblo, ca. 1960. costume and sacred dance.  Native American.

Cross section of a Hopi & Zuni Pueblo, architecture. Native American.

Architect unknown, view of a Hopi Pueblo. architecture. Native American.

Artists unknown, Kachina dolls,  Hopi Pueblo, various dates, late 19th century to present. Native American.

James Abert, artist, Pueblo of Acoma, Acoma Pueblo, 1846. drawing of native architectural site. Native American. 

Traditional pueblo village of Acoma, commonly known as "Sky City", photographed about 1990.

Artist unknown. Acoma polychrome pot, Acoma Pueblo, c. 1875-1880. painted pottery.  Native American.

Various artists. Acoma polychrome pots, Acoma Pueblo, c.1990.  Native American.

Artist unknown, ["moqui-style" blanket, Navajo nation, c.1850. woven cloth blanket.  Native American.

Artist unknown, "Germantown" blanket, Navajo nation, 1880s. woven cloth blanket. Native American.

Artist unknown, "pictorial" blanket with railroad design,  Navajo nation, c.1880. woven cloth blanket. Native American.

Artist unknown, blanket with sic figures, Navajo nation, woven cloth blanket. Native American.

Mrs. Sam Maurelito, weaver, after Hosteen Klah, Dineh healer, Whirling Log Ceremony Sand Paintingca. Navajo nation, 1925. tapestry taken from sacred sand painting.  Native American.

Artist unknown, sand painting, Navajo nation. sand painting. Native American.

Artist unknown, Navajo Rug: Biwing Plane, Navajo nation, c.1937.  cloth woven rug.  Native American.

Various Navajo hogan types, Navajo nation, dates ranging from 1860s to early 20th century. architecture.  Native American.

"Log" or "railroad-tie" hogan under construction, c.1936. architecture. Navajo nation. Native American.

Diagram of an earthlodge, Pawnee people, symbolism in architecture. Native American.

Artist unknown, Grizly bear house partition screen, from the house of Chief Shakes of Wrangell, Tlingit, c.1840. cedar, native paint and human hair. Native American

Artist unknown, half black/red mask,  Onondaga people, Iroquois Nation, 1880-90. sculpture. Native American.

Mungo Martin, House &Totem Pole, Kwakiutl people, 1952-3.architecture and sculpture. Native American

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