Head Woman Dancer

Aurora Mamea Bearchild Zintgalawin (Bird Woman)

Hello ! My name is Aurora, I'm from the Siksika Nation better known as the Blackfeet Tribe. Located next to the Rocky Mountains in the north western corner of Montana, approximately five miles north of the Canadian border. Born in San Francisco, at age nine, I moved back home to our reservation and lived there for eleven years, when our family lived out here before that, we always practiced our traditional ways, as a young girl my family always traveled to Pow Wows, moving back home make it easier to practice our ways, I often feel blessed for that. I believe it is very important to hang on to our ways, and teach this to our children.

I believe we are all put on this earth for a reason, and we should always do our best to uplift one another. I want to acknowledge our creator for my life, and all the many blessings he brings us, and for blessing me with a wonderful husband, and a beautiful son. I also want to acknowledge my mother, aunts, and grandmother for always being such strong female role models in my life.

I was taught that if you give your all with a good heart, it would come back to you even greater in blessings, to always lend a helping hand, life is sacred, precious, and short, to make the most of it! Don't wait around for someone to make you an outfit, just get it started yourself, and learn along the way, that's what I did, it gives you such a full complete feeling to be dancing, I feel like I am where I'm supposed to be in life. aho! for all my relations.
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